Morrison Junior High School

Morrison Junior High Principal Joe Robbins

A Message From The Principal

Morrison Junior High School, in partnership with the community, will foster
relationships to meet our students’ unique adolescent needs for intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.

Welcome to Morrison Junior High School. Morrison Junior High School is currently home to more than 250 students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. 

Our faculty and staff work hard to make our school an inviting place where all students are welcome. The environment encourages feelings of confidence and self-worth. Our students are encouraged to respect others and value their community. 

Our curriculum is continually being updated to ensure the best possible education for our students. Our subject areas are aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards (Common Core), and have been designed to promote the social, intellectual and physical well-being of our students. We place a strong emphasis on engaged learning that helps our students acquire academic skills that will give them a solid foundation in high school and beyond. In addition to the core subjects of Science, Math, Social Studies, Reading and English, we offer enrichment programs in Art, Music, Band, Health, and Physical Education. New this year is the addition of several new courses including technology, financial literacy, and career pathways. We also provide weekly social/emotional education for our students including but not limited to: bullying, internet safety and use, conflict resolution, coping strategies, and teamwork. 

Morrison Junior High is at the forefront of technology in the classroom. The building was recently upgraded with seamless wi-fi throughout the building allowing students and staff to stay connected no matter where they may be located. All students have chromebooks issued to them for use as needed. Our 7th and 8th grade students are able to bring their Chromebooks home nightly to complete work. All classrooms have also been equipped with new Promethean Interactive Display Panels which allow the teachers the ability to immerse their students in lessons and activities.

Our goal is continuous improvement of student performance in all areas of the day. Through this, we hope to cultivate self-motivated, lifelong learners.

MJHS offers extra curricular activities designed to promote student growth. Jazz band, concert band, music festivals, chorus and quiz bowl competition provide students with opportunities for intellectual and aesthetic expression. We also provide a wide range of athletic opportunities for both boys and girls including golf, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, wrestling, track and field, and swimming.

The junior high school is an integral part of the Morrison community and we welcome parent involvement and seek community support. For more information about Morrison Junior High School, please call us at 815-772-7264 or email at joe.robbins@morrisonschools.org .

Joseph Robbins, Principal, Morrison Junior High School


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Counselor's Corner

Services for Students

  • Individual counseling - crisis, personal, and academic
  • Group counseling - lunch groups, support groups, topic groups as needed
  • Enrollment procedures and schedule changes
  • Career education program Arranging tutoring

Services for Parents

  • Coordinating parent/teacher conferences
  • Referrals to resources in the school and community
  • Referrals for testing for special classes
  • Informational parent meetings
  • Tracking progress reports
  • Academic consultation
  • Parenting consultation

Special Services

  • Coordination of standardized test administration and interpretation of results
  • Locating clothing, shoes, school supplies, and eye glasses for students with financial needs
  • Coordination of the Presidential Academic Fitness Award
  • Help with crisis management program

Clerical Services

  • Grade cards, honor roll lists, GPA information Enrollment procedures - course description guide, scheduling, class rolls
  • Computerized records and printout information
  • Mailing deficiency reports


Home of the Ponies & Colts

  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Wrestling
  • Basketball
  • Track
  • Cheerleading