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Student Advocacy Committee

Student Advocacy Committee Guidelines (subject to change):

Commitment / Attendance: As a member of the Student Advocacy Committee, members are required to attend at least three out of four committee meetings per month, unless an absence is prearranged and/or excused. If these requirements are not met three times (per term), the seat of the member will be appointed to another applicant. 

Application Process: Students can either retrieve an application from the office, the introductory presentation or fill out the application online. After being submitted, the application will be reviewed by the committee representatives. When the applications are reviewed, the selected committee will be emailed and featured on a roster list on the school’s Instagram account.

Norms Of The Committee:

  • Strive for mature conversation

  • Practice Mindfulness 

  • Be Authentic

  • Trust & Respect All Members

  • Encourage all members

Mission Statement: The student advocacy committee will prioritize student voice and environment by advocating for significant change.

Objectives: To create transparency, provide student voice & recognition of concerns, to promote lasting change, improve student environment

Structure & Function: The SAC will collaborate with the administrators and the School Improvement Team. It will give students a way to express what they think is important regarding their education, along with what could be improved, ultimately to advance communication between District staff, the Board of Education, and students.

Meetings:  (Everything is Subject To Change)

1. Library; Teacher- Sutton 

  • Meetings once every week & every 3rd meeting of the month will be open to students and/or teachers ( day and time with depend on availability for students and teachers)

Members' Function: (5 members total)

  • Student Relations (1 per class)

    • Communicates with students

  • Documentarian (1 per class)

    • Records important information for projects and discussions.

  • Agenda Manager (1-2)

    • Makes sure the meeting stay on topic & time

    • Each week creates an agenda to promote productivity. 

  • Secretary (1) 

    • Keeps track of attendance and the number of strikes a member has

Representatives' Function:( 2 from the 5 members)

  • Attend board meetings and School Improvement team meetings.

  • Go through applications for the next year.

  • A spokesperson for the Student Advocacy Committee.

  • New representatives per semester.

  • Representatives are decided by the five members for each grade

 Teacher-Advisors' Function:

  • Maintain mature and rational conversations during meetings

Want to apply? Complete the application found here: