Andy Harridge



On behalf of the staff at Northside School, I would like to welcome you. The focus of Northside School is to provide a safe, caring environment for students and allow them the opportunities to understand the importance of academics, compassion, and creativity throughout their lives.

Northside School, located at 520 North Genesee Street, houses 250 Pre-kindergarten through second grade students with one section of pre-kindergarten and three sections of each at kindergarten through second grade. We offer a choice between half-day and full day kindergarten, with the great majority of our parents choosing the full-day option.

Our facility was built in 1967, with an addition to the original building being completed in 2001. The original section of the building houses our pre-school, kindergarten and first grade classes, and the new addition houses our second grade classes. We have an active and productive Parent Teacher Organization, which serves both Northside and Southside Schools. The PTO sponsors and works on a variety of projects which enhance our school’s learning climate and which help provide additional educational experiences for the children.

Caring about our students is the top priority of the staff of Northside school. We look forward to working with parents and the community to shape the lives of all students who enter our building.

Andy Harridge, Principal, Northside School



The Morrison Early Learning Program is a high quality preschool program which uses the High Scope Preschool curriculum; developmentally appropriate guidelines established by the National Association of Educating Young Children (NAEYC); and the Illinois Early Learning Standards. The Morrison Early Learning Program is held at Northside Elementary School. The early learning program is funded by a grant through the state of Illinois. The Morrison Early Learning Program is part of the Morrison Early Childhood Consortium and the Whiteside County Regional Office of Education's Early Childhood Coalition.

The program meets Monday through Friday in morning and afternoon sessions and has approximately 20 children ages 3-5. Parental involvement, through a parent contract, is a key component of the early learning program.


The Morrison School District seeks to do what is right for children by providing them with an appropriate preschool education that meets all of their needs in the least restrictive environment. Based on this commitment, the Morrison Early Learning Program adopted a blended, team approach to preschool education and services in January 2009. This blended preschool program provides opportunities for children with special needs and students who have been identified as at-risk to share learning experiences.

This new program follows Illinois state guidelines for special education, stating that no more than 30% of the class be made up of students with special needs, including students receiving speech-only services. The remaining 70% of the class will be composed of students identified as at-risk of academic failure. By combining these two groups of students, the Morrison Early Learning Program is able to provide appropriate academic services to all students who need additional instruction to achieve their appropriate school readiness skills. Research clearly supports the blending of Special Education Preschool programs with programs addressing the needs of students at the same age.

For details on the program, view this guide on the Early Learning Program, or call Northside Elementary School at (815) 772-2153.


Morrison Community Unit 6 provides the following student services and educational programs to students enrolled in Northside & Southside Elementary schools:


Special instruction and testing, with parental permission, for students who are identified as having special learning needs as defined by federal law. If eligible, students will have an individual education program written for them.


Provided, with parental permission, by the district clinician to children who demonstrate critical speech difficulties and those whose language structure is in need of additional development.


Extra instruction in reading for children who would otherwise be at risk of failure. Students are admitted to the program, with parental permission, when test scores and teacher observation indicate a need. Learning opportunities include Reading Recovery and the Reading Support Program.


Services involving the school nurse.


With parental permission, small group and individual counseling addressing children's emotional well-being at school.


An after-school program, provided with parental permission and classroom teacher recommendation, in which students are paired with volunteer tutors from the Morrison High School Key Club program.